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Deep Fried Presley
October 6, 2008, 3:33 am
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Nilla wafers
Banana slices
Peanut Butter

Creat a little sandwich by spreading peanut butter on the wafers.. then put banana slice in between. Dip it in batter and deep fry it following these instructions.

There are really only 2 periods I love of Elvis. 54′-56′ Elvis and 68 comeback special Elvis. The rest is just fluff or deep fried fat with bad sunglasses.

’68 Comeback Elvis

’68 Elvis formed the basis for how I wanted my backing group to be. It was loosey goosey, colored with inside jokes, and filled with plenty of fun. When I first started playing shows in Dallas, I played acoustic guitar with one drummer, forcing him to only use a snare with brushes.. no drumkit allowed! Eventually I added more members to the group resulting in The All-Nighters. If you have ever been to my live shows.. you can see that we try our best to capture the essence of the ’68 comeback special.


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Great web-site keep up the good work. Although, being an Elvis fan myself I gotta say, the remark about his later work after the ’54-’56 period being fluff I dissagree without a doubt, course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the remark about the deep fried fat with bad sunglasses Ummmm….could’a done without.

Comment by Greg

Seems like I touched an Elvis nerve.. hehe..

Well, lets just say from AFTER 1957, most of his musical work was centered around his movies.. and I think there is a very noticeable difference in quality when compared to his earlier era.

Example: King Creole Vs. Baby Let’s Play House
Winner: Baby Let’s Play House

Example: Rock A Hula Vs. Hound Dog
Winner: Hound Dog

Obviously, there are plenty of great songs that came out of his movie era..some are his best hits. And the Fat Elvis songs like Burning Love showed that Elvis was still the King, even in bad sunglasses and really bad jumpsuits.

But obviously Elvis went astray from who he was after 1957. Why else would we call his 68′ special the “Comeback” special?

Last example of Elvis Fluff: Hard Headed Woman

Need I say more?

Comment by songinmyhead

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