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RARE DISNEY MUSIC SPECIAL! (Sleepy Hollow/Three Caballeros)
October 19, 2008, 3:00 am
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The working title for Three Caballeros had to be “HORNY BIRDS HOT FOR LATINA TAIL”.  This whole movie is girl chasing fiesta madness….which basically makes it the greatest Donald Duck movie of all time! 

Starting with this post, I am going to be doing a weekly series on unreleased, rare Disney music. It will consist of songs that are not available anywhere.  I have found a few on vinyl, but they are usually remakes for story readers and not the original recordings from the films.  Since the vinyl quality is pretty poor, I decided to get these songs right off the movies themselves.

This is my own personal way of giving the stiff middle finger to the Disney corporation for screwing us out of the greatest music ever.  So many people love these songs, and it’s a shame that they will probably never be released. For some reason, Michael Eisner seems to think that we only want to buy new crappy Disney music by Elton John or Phil Collins.  No thanks Michael… I’ll pass.  

In making these albums, I did leave out a lot of instrumental music.  I stuck mainly to the essential songs. The soundtrack to Three Caballeros sounds like a long lost Desi Arnaz record.  And just for you halloweiners out there… I decided to throw in the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. Bing Crosby’s crooner vocals will leave you smiling for sure.  Feel free to send me some thank you candies for this.


(The links to the downloads are Zip files. The songs themselves are AIFF audio files.  Three Caballeros Zip has 12 tracks, Sleepy Hollow has 3 tracks.)


Download The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack

Download The Three Caballeros Soundtrack



Tale Of The Headless Horseman


Os Quindins De Yaya

Three Caballeros


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i can’t imagine how much time this takes… p.s. i’m linking to you today!

Comment by poshdeluxe

I didn’t compress the files any smaller than putting them in a zip file. So it might take a bit longer for some with slow connections..I wanted to keep the files in good audio quality.

Comment by songinmyhead

Hola….love the Caballeros. Remember our original VHS copy got copied over in one spot. I remember watching it as a kid in Fresno and being pissed that a section was missing. Who did that anyway?

Comment by tamara

You’re out of bandwidth, but I’ve been looking all over for the Three Caballeros soundtrack and know someone else who has too, so I guess I’ll keep checking back to see if it starts working again? You are completely amazing for doing this though!

Comment by Tri

I just upped my bandwith today.. so it should be active soon.

Comment by songinmyhead

It’s working now..


Comment by songinmyhead

Really sorry to bother you, but the link for the Three Caballeros soundtrack doesn’t appear to be working. Will you upload it again by any chance?

Comment by Starkiller

it’s working now!



Comment by songinmyhead

Thank you for the three caballeros soundtrack but I miss one special track that’s no included in this compilation. “Jesusita en chihuahua” or a cactus polka.. Memorable scene when Donald dance with the cactus… Is there any way to get this track?…I’ll be very grateful. than you!

Comment by Ossupa

I tried to stick mainly with songs.. so jesusita and 2 other instrumentals got the axe. I will look to see if I kept them on file…

Comment by songinmyhead

Thank you so much! That’s really kind of you! :D

Comment by Starkiller

Thanks so much for these links! Brings back SO many memories! But I was just hoping if there was way to get the rest of the Os Quindins De Yayà track? I really absolutely LOVE the music that builds up to the rooster fight and the rooster fight itself, and also the entire ending to the song is so amazing. But even if you can’t get it, thank you so much for this!

Comment by Chris

Hey Chris,

Glad you are enjoying the soundtrack! When I created it, I specifically cut out all the “extra” instrumental tracks. There were like 3 different versions of Os Quindins De Yaya and I kept the main version. I wanted the soundtrack to feel like if it was an “official” type release, and not just the whole audio of the movie.

Comment by songinmyhead

Well, I would think that if Disney released a soundtrack of Three Caballeros, it would feature a lot of the instrumental segments, since it’s suppose to be something of a learning video for children about certain cultures and music. And especially since the part I mentioned wraps up a segment of the movie.

But still! Thanks again for this! I Googled a soundtrack and was fully expecting to come up with absolutely zero results, but not so! Thanks again!

Comment by Chris

You would think that Disney would put out more instrumental segments.. but if you look at alot of the old LP’s, they generally have only the songs and almost no instrumentals..probably because they wanted to make money off publishing of the songs themselves. Mainly it was hard to fit alot of music on one disc and sometimes they would put a completely different soundtrack on the back. For example, I have a rare promo Pinochio LP that has all the songs (plus unreleased songs) but no instrumental tracks. The flipside has Judy Garland and wizard of OZ. Strange..

But even if you look at modern Disney, they usual keep the instrumentals off. If they do put instrumentals on they will only do one or two and that’s it. They would probably put even fewer songs on Three Caballeros than I did. The only time I have ever really seen Disney put alot of instrumental music in one of their cartoon features is if the movie just wasn’t that good and only had one “true” song in it. Mulan is an example of almost all instrumental music and no songs (which is just one of the many reasons it sucked).

The only other example I can think of with just instrumental Disney music would be Silly Symphonies… which I may do a feature on soon :)

Comment by songinmyhead

[…] iTunes shows that Cuban songwriter Bola de Nieve has contributed a more rubato rendition.  And in my favorite recent post, a passionate fan loved the music so much that he ripped it from the Disney VHS and posted for all […]

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Great job with the sound clips i know it’s a lot of work. i was wondering if the three caballeros sound track is on 7″ vinyl especially the song “you belong to my heart” the female version not bing croby’s version.

Comment by curtis bloomfield

Hi There.
Jeff from here!
Just wanted to thank you for the Three Caballeros stuff. I remember the film fondly from when I was kid (and wearing out the tape it was on!), and recently bought it at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. I was looking for the soundtrack, so I’m glad I came across your site.
Thanks for your hard work!
– Jeff

Comment by magicofdisney

no problem man.. I appreciate the kind words!

I will finally be doing some more posts very soon.

Comment by songinmyhead

Thanks a whole lot! The Three Caballeros should’ve had a soundtrack realeased since it won best original soundtrack and all.

Comment by daruma

Any idea how I might be able to save these to a cd?? I have saved them to my computer but nm=ot sure how to get them on a cd… :)

Comment by kalessandra

Hey there Alessandra!

Pretty simple if you have iTunes. Just drag the files into itunes… then insert a cd into your computer and burn it! Make sure you have your settings set to burn audio cd.

Thats it!


Comment by songinmyhead

Thank you so much for posting this!
I also agree we were all cheated out of some great music…

Comment by angela

I’m trying to download the three caballeros music and the server is not responding .
Do you know what’s going on ???

Comment by Marc Beaumier

It is working now.. I have a boxstr account and they are having some down time as they switch to new servers over the next few weeks

Comment by songinmyhead

I,m trying to download but the zip file of o octet is emty

Comment by Marc Beaumier

I swear it’s working.. I just tried downloading the zip files again and I had no problems…

Comment by songinmyhead

Any chance to get the Three Caballeros soundtrack again?

Thanks in advance.


Comment by Nicholas

I am putting it back up today.. my old web file host went down for over a month… I am now using divshare

Comment by songinmyhead

Thanks for the upload. There is something wrong, though. The Caballeros soundtrack is 100 megs and it unzips to 8 files and a bit of “mexico,” when there is supposed to be 12 files total. I don’t think there is a problem at my end.

Thanks for the effort!

Comment by Nicholas


I’ve been looking for this soundtrack for a long time, and it seems as if only you have it, and I thank you fo that. But I have a problem. I downloded the zip file, but I can´t extract it’s content. It seems as if the file was damaged or empty. Can you help me get it this or another way? I’ll be very thankfull.
Thanks for the help.

Comment by Stef

Hey, i tried downloading the zip file and then when i tried to open it, it gave me a message saying its invalid or corrupted. Can you fix it?

Comment by Kirby

But… the zip of Sleppy Hollow is corrupt ;_;! Can you fix it please? I love this movie!

Comment by Mikael

Hey guys… I am working on fixing these… I will repost soon..

Comment by songinmyhead


let me know if any of the other ones don’t work

Comment by songinmyhead

Thanks for fix it :D!!!!

Comment by Mikael

Any chance of upping the music from the Cactus Dance sequence of The Three C’s? From the tap dancing at the beginning to the grande finale, I love that piece.

Comment by Sebastian

Hey, I see that you left off a few Three Caballeros instrumentals, but would you mind terribly releasing them on their own to us? That way, those of us insane completists can integrate them into the album as we see fit. Thanks!

Comment by Scott Ganz

Thank you so much for this collection! After getting a little taste – I NEED MORE! Do you have the other tracks from TTC – i.e. the flower dance with Donald as the bee and the other tunes from Mexico?

Comment by José Carioca, Jr.

Hey there….the haunted Mansion mp3 doesn’t seem to want to download for me. Additionally I was wondering if you know of anywhere to get Bings Crosby’s narration to Sleepy Hollow sans background music? I’m putting together a re-edit of the Sleepy Hollow portion of the film, using all of the library intro shots, but changing Bing’s opening narration seeing as its related directly to the segment of the film preceding it. I’ll be replacing it with some new audio pieced together from a couple different years of halloween radio specials he did in the late 40’s. I’d like to include just a little of the original narration in this re-edit, but its got that horrible music playing behind it.

Comment by Gordon Beaven

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