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Eagles and Moons
April 9, 2008, 7:33 am
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Yes.. I am an Eagle Scout.  Get your laughs out now, cus when the bomb drops, ya’ll be coming to my wigwam and eating the food that I learned how to prepare in my wilderness survival class!

Apart from being a Scout, I also worked professionally for the BSA in the Sierra Mountains. Living without parents every summer for 6 years can open a young boys eyes to many worldly vices (you’d be surprised how many scouts and counselors get drunk and smoke out on the weekends).  

One of my greatest experiences from scouting was the introduction to new music I had never heard of before.  Bands like CSNY, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Phish, Bare Naked Ladies, the Cure… etc.  When my days off would arrive, I usually wound up spending all the money I earned on music.  


The one CD I constantly played out was Cat Steven’s Greatest Hits.  His songs just seemed to fit with the environment that I awoke to every day. This was music you could hike with, camp with, work, swim, eat, and dream to.  My very first performance ever (I was only 13) was in front of 500 scouts by a bonfire where I sang “Moonshadow”.  The standing ovation I received afterwards definitely cemented the music bug forever in me.

When I listen to his songs now I always feel young.  Here are some from the greatest hits and Harold and Maude (one of the best movies evah):


Hard Headed Woman

The Wind

Don’t Be Shy


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Wow, Johnny. I had no idea. I’m an Eagle Scout too. Also, Cat Stevens was my favorite singer in high school and college. I love his lesser known album, Catch Bull at Four. Great stuff. Love the balalaika and the latin of Caritas.

Hope to see you around. Just saw your blog mentioned on Ghost of Blind Lemon.


Comment by billh

Hey Bill! Yeah, I am totally pro-scouting. In the far off future I hope to work again for the BSA by starting a private prep school that focuses on traditional scouting. Many of the Councils I talked to really supported my idea but I just haven’t had time (or money) to put it into motion. Hopefully one day I will get it done.

I just got a lot of Cat Stevens albums.. even some songs of his YUSUF albums are great. He also has a new version of Peace Train with an African Choir singing it a capella. It’s awesome!

Comment by songinmyhead

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Bydgoszcz.

Comment by Bydgoszcz

Missed the point? There is no point.. this is a blog where I write about my musical influences… that’s it. It’s pretty simple.

Comment by songinmyhead

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