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Me No Likey American Bands
November 30, 2007, 5:16 pm
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 I love British Music.  Britain is quite possibly the last country that truly gets what it means to Rock and or Roll.  America is lost…very lost.  I can’t even spend time writing about why cus I will just get upset.  So instead I will write about the good coming from across the pond. I think what disturbs me is that most Americans really don’t know anything about music overseas.

 Kasabian is a classic example of why British music rules.  America needs to wake up and pay attention.  Just watch this video and be amazed.  Then go buy the album “Empire”.  You can thank me later. (Warning! Shadowy, almost nude figures. Actually, you can thank me for that too.)


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There’s nothing “almost” nude about it. It’s pretty damned nude. Thanks.

What’s with the Polyphonic Robes thing in the middle of the video? I liked nude better.


Comment by Shampoo Mohawk

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