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Daisies Never Die
November 30, 2007, 7:50 pm
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There isn’t much I can add to how great Emitt Rhodes is.  I discovered him while in the middle of recording my album “Let’s Be Poor Together” and it couldn’t have happened at a more appropriate time.  His production sense greatly influenced the sound of my album and helped me define what I was looking for in myself as a musician.

Anyhoo,Click Here Now and get the amazing, yet sad story of this man. 

Live Till  You Die  You Should Be AshamedEver Find Yourself Running


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beautiful tunes. his voice has an extremely similar timbre to yours, mr. rollins. and that’s quite a compliment. this new blog thing is wondrous. keep sharin’.

Comment by paul banks

will do. yeah, when I found out about him, i totally freaked out cus I had no idea who he was.. and when I played some of his songs for friends.. they were like “when did you write this song?” hahah..

Comment by songinmyhead

Emitt is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. My heart aches from learning his unhappy life story. Rare is the life so poised for greatness and then so far fallen away from it.
I want to have hope for him still. Life is hope.

Comment by Cary

yes.. it always makes me angry the way he was treated by the record industry. It really leaves me speechless.

Comment by songinmyhead

I don’t know if you live in S. Cal, but have you ever tried to approach him? H lives about twenty minutes from me across town. I lost my job and looking for another, so I’m broke and can’t take him to lunch right now. His address and ph# are in the book. I’ve read he’s somewhat fragile now and I wouldn’t want to hurt him.

Comment by Cary

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